Top Three Graphic Design and Photo Editing Websites Anyone Can Use!

by Krista Tannahill, SAM Consultant

When it comes to marketing yourself, your business or a non-profit organization there are a lot of great do-it-yourself resources. From marketing materials to social media graphics here are my favourite websites for creating professional looking graphics. 

Each of these websites are user-friendly with a variety of templates, photos, fonts and graphics you can use for free. They also have a paid option which provides you with even more tools and templates. 

1. Canva ( 

Canva is the most popular option for non-graphic designers to create posts on social media and online marketing graphics. In addition to pre-made templates for social media they also have fun videos you can modify to use on your social media accounts. 

PicMonkey is focused on photo editing, collages and social media posts. There are a lot of fun and colourful templates that you can use and adjust to suit your needs. PicMonkey is by far one of easiest website tools for editing a photo. Whether you want to brighten a photo, add texture or touch it up the options are endless. 


Fotor is a photo editing site with social media graphics as well. However, it also has some of the most professional looking templates that you can modify and use create printed material. Their templates are high end with options for different industries, holidays and events.   

The best way to find out which website works for you is to sign up for the free version and give it a try. Once you get comfortable on each website you will be able to decide which one suits your needs and is the easiest to work with. 

I personally use all 3 for different reasons. I use for social media posts, Fotor for printed material and PicMonkey for photo editing. Additionally, these websites are constantly being updated with new graphics, templates, photos and text options.  

Also, I love the fact that if I am stuck for ideas I can just log into one of the websites and get inspired with new ideas or if I am in a hurry I can just use one of the pre-made templates. 

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