Sponsorship Opportunities

SAM Subsidized Hours

SAM provides hundreds of subsidized hours of consulting activities to our clients every year, many of which are supported by government grants. SAM Clients are able to request between 10 and 75 hours a year on a combination of a needs assessment and first-come, first-served basis. SAM Clients are only charged between $17-35/hour (depending on annual budget levels) plus a 10% administration fee, for consulting from experts in the field who would normally charge up to $100/hour. SAM Consultants voluntarily commit to a certain number of hours each year at the deeply discounted rate of $35/hour. This model has had an enormously positive impact on the Nova Scotia culture sector, especially for those SAM Clients to whom we are able to provide 40 hours or more per year. But the need is much greater than currently available government grants are able to subsidize. For a minimum of a $1,000 commitment, as a Patron of SAM subsidized hours, SAM can provide up to an additional 50 hours of support to a SAM Client(s), (which has the added benefit of providing work to a valued SAM Consultant). For a commitment of $5,000 a year, as a Presenting Partner, SAM will be able to provide up to an additional 250 hours.

Grant Calendar Annual Update

SAM has created a hyperlinked grant calendar that requires ongoing research and an annual overhaul each year. This calendar is made available not only to SAM Clients but also to the cultural community at large (https://strategicarts.org/grant-calendar/). It includes provincial and federal granting opportunities and deadlines, a few of which are profiled during each issue of the SAM newsletter. The Patron sponsorship opportunity for the Grant Calendar is only $1,000.

Emerging Arts Administrator Internship

At least once a year, SAM hires an emerging arts administrator for an internship or early career project or combination of projects. Often, an emerging talent will have an explicit goal for their career that SAM can help them realize, sometimes in partnership with a SAM Client or other cultural organization. Some years, funding is available from employment grants for this position (although not always in a timely manner for the project at hand), and during other years, the position must be supported from operations. To stabilize funding for this terrific training and development program, SAM is seeking an annual Presenting Partner sponsorship of $2,500, for which we will aim to secure matching employment grants.

Client | Consultant Networking Event

For the last several years, SAM has connected SAM Clients and SAM Consultants on a one-on-one basis, and through workshops. Personal contact among these individuals is crucial to the success of these mostly infrequent (and sometimes quite intensely challenging) working sessions. There is little opportunity to build a longer-term bond that can lend stability to these thinly-resourced organizations, and to the demands of a multiple-client career, or provide the opportunity to meet someone you are thinking about working with before anyone makes a commitment. Since the SAM administrative structure is so lean, we have never had the resources to hold a networking and matchmaking event. This year, we plan to break ground by hosting an event to bring SAM Clients, SAM Consultants, and SAM and sector stakeholders together for the first time. The goals of this Patron Sponsorship opportunity can be achieved for only $350.

Contact Event Sponsor

It costs $6,000 to represent clients at each Contact Event (a marketplace for performing arts), whether we take one client or six clients. The costs include registration fees for a booth, travel and (shared) accommodation costs for one person, full-time attendance by our Touring Consultant, and four hours of assessment and follow-up for each client. As a Contact Event Presenting Partner, you make it possible for SAM to attend one of four significant contact events each year on behalf of four to six clients at a time, so that we can minimize the costs to the clients who can least afford the financial outlay. Our goal is to be able to charge no more than $250 per client per event, which means that sponsorship funding or grant subsidies must add up to at least $4,500 per event. A $1,000 Patron sponsorship for a client of your choice at the Contact Event of their choice is available. Or the Presenting Partner sponsorship opportunity for each contact event is a minimum of $2,500.

Newsletter and Website Lead Sponsor

As an almost virtual organization, SAM’s disparate and dispersed community (local, regional, national and international) is held together by its communication strategy and almost daily attention to social media, newsletter development, and regular website renewal. An extraordinary amount of research and information of use to SAM Clients and SAM Consultants is sifted for the SAM Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, SAM Clients and SAM Consultants themselves are featured on social media. The website profiles the organization and its consultants. Basic communication and social media management is an area where many emerging arts administrators enjoy “cutting their teeth,” but a successful communication plan needs expert attention on a regular basis to realize its full potential. We live in a digital world, and constant communication can connect SAM Clients, SAM Consultants, and supporters. This Lead Sponsorship is $1,500.

Research Project Patron (Client or Consultant Research):

One of the most significant benchmarks that SAM can use to measure success is to conduct client preparatory assessment and satisfaction research, which we have been doing for several years. This year, SAM worked with one of the Dalhousie University Management Without Borders Master’s student team to develop a suite of measuring tools for SAM Consultants as well. To conduct and analyse this research each year, a significant investment of time is required. A robust Research Project Patron opportunity can be realized for an investment between $1,000-$2,000 annually.

SAM Workshops

This year, SAM is building on an extensive history of developing and presenting workshops addressing core management and governance functions including financial management, board recruitment, tour readiness, and preparing for strategic planning. SAM is also creating new workshops that encompass more contemporary topics, such as crowdfunding, case statement writing, and social media management. Many SAM Clients take advantage of these workshops, as do other members of the cultural community who are not necessarily SAM Clients. Examples of past SAM workshops include:

= May 2016: Strategic Planning for Communications

= March 2016: Finance

= December 2015: Major Gift Fundraising

= May 2015: Touring

≡ January 2015: Strategic Planning

≡ February 2015: Crowdfunding

≡ April 2015: Board Development

To sponsor any workshop (except the Database workshop, below): $250

To sponsor all four workshops (except the Database workshop): $850

To become Lead Sponsor for all workshops (including the Database workshop): $2,250

Database/SUMAC Workshop

Most years, SAM hosts and co-presents a workshop featuring a popular modular contact database management system: SUMAC, for a modest fee to SAM Clients. The workshop is often led by SUMAC founder Peter Turk, and includes two-hour one-on-one follow-up sessions with five to ten clients. This year, the workshop will include a range of options for non-profits to consider for contact management, from Excel to Wild Apricot to SUMAC or Raiser’s Edge. To cover direct costs such as travel and accommodation, and provide SAM subsidized follow-up hours to SAM Clients, the Database/SUMAC workshop sponsorship opportunity is $1,500.