Anti-Oppression/Safe Spaces

SAM has experienced consultants to help you realize your commitment to making your organization an open, safe, and supportive space for all.

Artistic Counselling

Trying to map out your future but not sure where to begin? Book some time with an experienced artist who's been where you've been and can help you chart your course.

Audience Development

Looking to expand the reach of your work or your organization? Let a SAM expert teach you the ins-and-outs of growing your audience.


 Whether you want to communicate with your team, your board, or your audiences, an experienced consultant can help you synergize your communication channels so you can clearly and easily engage with others. 

Digitial Production

If living in the age of digital content and events makes your head spin, you should work with one of our livestreaming pros to make your next online event a success!

Event Planning

From fundraisers to receptions and everything in between, events and the arts go hand in hand. We've got consultants who can help you make your next special event a dazzling success!

Financial Management

Bookkeeping, and cash flow, and fiscal policy; SAM consultants are here to help you master these processes and others needed to cement the financial longevity of your organization.


Navigating the world of not-for-profit policy and bylaws is always easier when you have a helping hand. SAM has a consultant for you who can assist you and/or your Board of Directors in matters of protocol and compliance.

Grant Writing

By far our most requested service,  grant writing is essential for many arts organizations. Sharpen your skills and have the best chance of success by working with an experienced consultant.

Graphic Design

Looking to revamp your logo? Or create eye-catching materials for your next big event? Work with a consultant to achieve the look you're after.


If you market it, they will come! With the help of one of our experienced consultants, you can build the marketing plan of your dreams today and enjoy a brighter, more profitable tomorrow.


Learn from those who have been where you find yourself right now. SAM has many experienced consultants who can help you navigate the day-to-day and general management needs of your organization.

Revenue Generation

Getting the income and funds you need to succeed can be difficult in the arts sector. Work with a consultant to identify private funders and diversify your sources of income to strengthen your bottom line.

Social Media

Social media is amazing, but it can also be mind-boggling and time-consuming. We've got consultants who can help you break it down and work smarter, not harder, to connect with your audiences.

Strategic Planning

Get guidance on how to realistically plan a successful future. Determine your goals, navigate potential challenges, and strategize a plan that works for you. 


Whether you're touring across the province, or around the globe, a SAM consult can teach you what to expect out on the open road. Learn about national and international protocols, regulations, and procedures so you can confidently take your art where it's never gone before.

Website Design and Development

It's time to get online. With the help of a SAM consultant, learn to create an effective and modern website that will increase reach and awareness of your work.

Don't see what you're looking for?

Many of our consultants have extra skills beyond the standard services we offer. You can browse their profiles to see the bonus expertise they have to offer, or reach out to us directly to see if someone has the skills for your project.