Strategic Arts Management (SAM)’s activities currently fall into four major categories:

  • General Client Services;
  • Special Client Services;
  • Workshops and Special Projects; and
  • Internal Organizational Growth.

SAM Subsidized Hours:

SAM subsidized hours are meant for clients with specific needs that can be addressed in relatively discreet projects. Services are designed to enhance capacity, enabling SAM Clients to work increasingly more effectively on their own.  SAM Clients who have worked with us over longer periods change the number and nature of the services they use as they build skills, face new challenges, and develop the resources to hire in-house staff. To learn more about becoming a SAM Client, contact us.


  • Finance Reporting and Management.
  • Career Development, Strategic and Business Planning
  • Assistance with Grant and Foundation Proposal Writing and Review.
  • Revenue Generation including fundraising, diversification of revenue streams, and assistance with related research, planning and writing.
  • Marketing and Audience Development
  • Touring including touring and contact event readiness and planning.
  • Partnerships including identifying and assisting with the development of artistic, operational and financial partnerships.
  • Operations including change management; succession planning;  database development; short term administrative services.
  • Board Governance


SAM subsidized hours are offered to SAM Clients on a sliding scale based on the size of the client’s annual budget.  In addition, there is a once a year management fee which helps to cover the costs of the initial contracting process, the matching of SAM Client to SAM Consultants, and the administration and preparation of contracts. SAM aims to make services affordable for SAM Clients within each budget level, and to ensure that all SAM Clients have equal access to top quality services.

SAM Consultants:

Many SAM Consultants contribute time as volunteers in the cultural community, and also make space for SAM subsidized hours on top of their own often full-time consulting services and businesses. For a list of current SAM Consultants, click here.


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