Cat MacKeigan

Dr. Cat MacKeigan

Director of External Relations

Cat MacKeigan bridges the divide between cultural practice and public policy. She has worked in the arts, academic, and government sectors, and presented her research at regional, national, and international levels. Holding a MPA and PhD, Cat brings a unique blended knowledge to connection language, policy and experience gaps across sectors.

Cat has lead and collaborated on a range of research. Such projects include cultural sector strategy development, evaluation of public funding models, non-profit governance, public grants preparation, employment and equity human resources management analysis, communication strategy development, organizational review and strategic planning, change management, and rural economic impact studies. Cat also teaches courses in technical theatre, cultural policy, and government policy towards business. Cat’s novel position connecting culture and public administration would not be complete without recognizing her professional arts practice in technical theatre, cultural production, and arts management.

Her practical experience in the arts is directly linked to her drive for cultural sector capacity building through values-sharing, mutual understanding, and a common experience base with other arts practitioners. Cat integrates her knowledge of government and cultural sector relations in her role as Director of External Relations at SAM. Through SAM, Cat seeks opportunities to support the province’s cultural sector for growth and development and cultivate connections and relationship building across organizations, disciplines, and communities.