Tips for Successful Grant Writing: Part 2

Tips for Successful Grant Writing: Part 2

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And we are back for part 2 of our grant writing tips (did you miss part 1? Read it here!)! These general tips were collected from our team of expert consultants, so that you can write a great grant proposal and get the results you need.  

Ask for the money you need and make a case for that amount.  

Don’t feel guilty for asking for money.  Your work is valuable, and you should ask for the money you need in order to do this work, pay everyone appropriately, and get paid yourself. 

Keep the audience in mind.  

Remember who you are speaking to. Jury members are fellow artists like you. They run organizations like you, and they have challenges like you. They want to hear your vision and your plans, and they want to believe in your project. You may even know some of them! So be positive about the community around you and try to avoid speaking negatively about others. You never know who might be reading your proposal.  

Use high quality, engaging demo work and supplementary material.  

Ensuring that your grant proposal looks professional is really important – and it isn’t just about looks and catching the attention of the jury. It is also about showing them that you are confident and professional. You want people to take your ideas seriously and believe that you can achieve your goals. And one way to communicate that is to present the whole package beautifully and with confidence. Take your material seriously and others will too! 

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