Apr 15 2022

Municipal Grants (Municipality of the District of Yarmouth)

The objective of municipal grants is to provide financial assistance for not-for-profit organizations, groups and associations that are providing meaningful support services to the communities within the Municipality of Yarmouth.  The financial assistance is intended to recognize the value of these services and offset some of the financial burden borne by the community organizations.

The application process for Municipal Grants opens on January 1st and closes on April 15th of each year.  Applications received after the deadline and throughout the fiscal year will be referred to the budget process for the following fiscal year.  An amount of $7500.00 of the grants budget will be set aside as a contingency.  Applications received after the April 15th deadline will only be considered if the applicant can show that the need is urgent and could not reasonably have been anticipated prior to the beginning of the fiscal year and no other sources of funding are available.