Youth Art Connection

YAC-logo (1)Youth Art Connection (YAC) is a new federal charity based in HRM which brings youth in contact with professional arts industries in order to educate them in building futures for themselves as “Artpreneurs”.  YAC helps otherwise underserved youth (including youth from diverse cultural backgrounds) to make art, make money, make change.

An example of YAC programming in Halifax’s North End is described in this article in the Chronicle Herald about the inter-generational “What’s Your Passion?” Music/Food/Dance program.

Coverage of YAC success stories can be found on the Culture Days 365 blog here in French and here in English.

Check out everything that Youth Art Connection has going on currently (including the annual PANJAM all-ages festival that happens during National Youth Arts Week) on their website:

Youth Art Connection is a member of the Halifax Chamber of Commerce, and has a roster of talented youth artists (the “ArtPreneurs”) who are learning how to create and sell artistic products and services.  The guiding philosophy at YAC is community collaboration, and we actively seek partnerships with other organizations in order to strengthen the voice of the creative industries as a whole.  At YAC, Art Builds Futures.

Visit Youth Art Connection’s website.

See our current client list.

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