Phin Performing Arts

Phin photo

“Analogy for Solid Bones”
Choreography: Lisa Phinney Langley
Set: Peter Dykhuis
Dancers: Andrew Turner, Elise Vanderborght, Jacinte Armstrong, Sarah Rozee, Alicia Orr MacDonald
Photo: Scott Munn

Collaborating since 2004, Lisa Phinney Langley, Ardath Whynacht, Sarah Rozee and Peter Dykhuis are invested in developing creative pathways that dismantle disciplinary boundaries and generate unique methods of expression. Phin Performing Arts is, at its initiation, a choreographer-led performance company supporting the creative work of these artists and their fellow collaborators, embracing an attitude of organic evolution of its structure and artistic practice. Excited about exquisite simplicity, connectedness that shatters the boundaries of nature/culture, art/science, and idea/performance, and riotous expressions of creativity that leave us – and you – utterly sated, we create rich, decadent contemporary dance and transdisciplinary works.

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