Keep Good (Theatre) Company

Keep Good (Theatre) Company

Let’s Try This Standing. Photo: Mel Hattie

Keep Good (Theatre) Company is Gillian Clark, Karen Gross, and Laura Vingoe-Cram. We make theatre that is honest, sharpened by the interplay of comedy and tragedy, and always attentive to the fact that the audience is in the room with us.

Keep Good (Theatre) Company was founded in 2013 with the Halifax premiere of Mr. Marmalade. In September 2013, its artistic co-directors produced Gillian Clark’s first solo show, Understudy, at the Atlantic Fringe Festival. The show sold out and has since played in Halifax (for the Magnetic North Theatre Festival’s Guerilla Theatre series), Lethbridge (Alberta), London (England) and Mumbai (India). Understudy won the audience choice award at the QueerActs Theatre Festival in Halifax and has an upcoming date at Uno Fest in Victoria.

In 2016, Keep Good (Theatre) Company produced Gillian Clark’s second solo show, Let’s Try This Standing. The show deals with her healing process after a life-changing accident in 2010. Let’s Try This Standing was workshopped at the PARC Playwrights’ Colony, Lunchbox Theatre’s Stage One Festival, Eastern Front Theatre’s Stage Festival, and with Ship’s Company Theatre. The show premiered to sold out houses in January 2016 as part of Neptune Theatre and Theatre Nova Scotia’s Open Spaces Program.

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