Compañía Azul

Megan Matheson photo

Compañia Azul courtesy of Journeyman Films

Compañía Azul has a heart split  between the coasts of Atlantic Canada and
the dry earth of Andalusia. Drawn to the beauty of the music, movement and
rhythms of flamenco, Compañía Azul creates a passionate, stunning display of
emotion, sound and colour. Founded by dancer Megan “Azulita” Matheson in
2010, the company strives to bring a new voice to flamenco, melding diverse
backgrounds in various musical styles, while remaining grounded in the
flamenco traditions and inspired by the rawness of the art form. Many of its
members spend significant time immersing themselves in the cradle of
flamenco, Southern Spain. Having been brought up in the most unlikely of
flamenco places, including Cape Breton, St. John’s, NFLD and Lunenburg, the
companies’ dedication to flamenco is evident in their proficiency and

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