Become a Consultant

Are you interested in becoming a SAM Consultant?

SAM Consultants apply to offer their services, listing their skills and ability to work with various sizes, genres and types of organizational or individual clients. They are required to submit the names of references, and are reviewed by the Intake Committee. SAM also actively recruits consultants who have specific skills, discipline knowledge, and the ability to work effectively in a contract environment. The SAM Consultants are independent contractors who sign an agreement that insures client confidentiality and identifies key working values and standards. Currently most SAM Consultants are based in Halifax, but they also come from other parts of the province and Canada. Over the last four years we have had 50 SAM Consultants listed on our roster, and 39 of them have had client contracts. Generally, 18-25 SAM Consultants work in any given year. The selection of SAM Consultants is made by the SAM Clients, and is based on skill set, compatibility and availability. A number of SAM Clients use more than one SAM Consultants in a year, depending on their needs.

SAM recruits and works with professional consultants on a per-occasion basis who are interested in helping to grow the capacity of the cultural community in Nova Scotia, and are able to dedicate a portion of their work time to this. SAM has had excellent client response and feedback for our consultants.

SAM Consultants operate with a client-based focus.

SAM Client Goals:

  • to provide the diversified range of services needed by the community to support artistic and organizational growth and sustainability;
  • to identify individual client needs and offer appropriate support;
  • to generally build skill and capacity
  • to work with each client in a holistic context for optimum development.

SAM Consultant Goals:

  • To find or develop a strong roster of SAM Consultants who are able to address the full spectrum of client needs;
  • To improve our monitoring and evaluation of their work;
  • To provide opportunities for professional development and problem solving.

Activities Include:

  • Finance Reporting and Management.
  • Career Development, Strategic and Business Planning
  • Assistance with Grant and Foundation Proposal Writing and Review.
  • Revenue Generation including fundraising, diversification of revenue streams, and assistance with related research, planning and writing.
  • Marketing and Audience Development
  • Touring including touring and contact event readiness and planning.
  • Partnerships including identifying and assisting with the development of artistic, operational and financial partnerships.
  • Operations including change management; succession planning;  database development; short term administrative services.
  • Board Governance

If you are interested in becoming a SAM Consultant, please contact us in the office.