Board of Directors

Strategic Arts Management’s Board of Directors demonstrate leadership, breadth of experience and knowledge, vision, ability to work collaboratively, profile in the community, and commitment to the development of the performing arts. The exceptional, dedicated Board has provided SAM and its professional staff with oversight, guidance, advocacy, and assistance with developing important governance and operational tools.


Nancy Morgan | Chair
Martine Durier-Copp | Vice-Chair
Michael Sutherland | Treasurer / Secretary
Jacinte Armstrong | Director
Sam Bennett |Director
Sobaz Benjamin | Director
Skana Gee | Director
JD MacCulloch | Director


SAM is grateful to past Board members, who remain members of the Society:
Norm Adams | Secretary, 2014-17 | Director, 2012-14
Rose Allen | Communications Chair, 2015-17 | Director, 2015-17
Andrea Arbic* | Chair, 2012-2013 | Vice-Chair, 2007-2012 | Director, 2006-2007
Ninette Babineau* | Director, 2006-08

Bob Bauer | Director, 2010-12
Bob Geraghty | Director, 2007-09
Leah Hamilton |  Director, 2008-12
Gay Hauser | Director, 2009-14

Linda Hodgins* | Secretary, 2011-13 | Secretary-Treasurer, 2007-11
Mary Elizabeth Luka | Communications Chair, 2008-12
Elizabeth Macdonald | Communications Chair, 2007-08
Cat MacKeigan | Chair, 2014-15, Director, 2013-14
Dianne Milligan* | Chair, 2013-14 | Vice-Chair, 2012-13 | Director, 2006-14
Christopher Shore* | Chair, 2007-13 | Vice-Chair, 2006-07
Darlene Theriault | Treasurer, 2012-15
* Member of the founding Board of Directors


Would you like to contribute to the arts in Nova Scotia? Email our Administration & Communications Coordinator at to submit your expression of interest to the Strategic Arts Management Board of Directors at any time. The Board seeks senior representation in dance, theatre, music, and other disciplines; volunteer leadership in the arts sector; a skilled consulting voice from the non-arts sector; and specific skills required for the work of the coming year.