Although Strategic Arts Management (SAM) has been in operation for only a short time, it has already made a significant impact on the performing arts community. SAM has enabled the leveraging of considerable new funds for Nova Scotian artists and arts organizations by assisting them to access new or increased revenues from provincial and federal granting programs and from foundation grants, as well as improving earned revenue and fundraising streams.

Critical to this success has been the building of performing arts community partnerships, working groups, and relationships through workshops, special project development, and sharing of resources. SAM has helped to build capacity in the sector through:

  • Improved skills that are taught in response to identified need, and built developmentally in response to client growth and change;
  • Improved Board Governance;
  • Improved planning and longer arc of thinking;
  • Improved leadership skills for artistic and management professionals;
  • Improved tour readiness and tour marketing skills.

Just-In-Time Responsiveness

Clients are accepted and served on a first come, first served basis, as long as SAM subsidized hours and SAM Consultants are available.  There are no wait times for needed services.  This improves client ability to deal with issues in a timely manner and improve organizational effectiveness.

Sectoral Advocacy

SAM’s breadth of overview of the sector allows it to look at the performing arts community as a whole.  We are mindful of existing community capacity and needs, and our focus on development is holistic as well as individuated. This enables us to speak effectively with funders from many levels of government.