Working with a small in-house part time staff and a network of experienced arts consultants, who are contracted on as needed basis, SAM:

  • Assists in reviewing and editing grant and foundation applications;
  • Consults, trains, mentors or assists in areas such as fundraising, public relations, communications, governance, financial management, operations management and tour development;
  • Assists in career planning and strategic and organizational development;
  • Assists in developing effective partnerships and collaborations;
  • Provides short-term or project based administrative or managerial support;
  • Provides special assistance for market development initiatives;
  • Conducts operational and organizational reviews and provides recommendations for development;
  • Offers special workshops and  professional development opportunities for artistic, administrative and Board leaders;
  • Assists artists in finding and contracting professional agent representation; represents artists who do not yet have agents, at Contact Events;
  • Provides internship opportunities for aspiring arts administrators.